Back In Purple

Newism are back with a new focus and a shiny new blog after a period of self reflection and a metric tonne of client work. We’ve repositioned ourselves, sorted our new branding, and built ourselves this “one-pager” website.

A new focus

What appeared to be somewhat of a hiatus was actually an extended period of introspection and consolidation. Our first three years consisted mainly of client work and growth, and we were always conscious that we didn’t want either of those to get out of hand. So year four is time for us to focus on the business side of Newism, and most importantly, defining who we are and our goals for the future.

So who are we then?

When asked at dinner parties and royal galas what it is we do for a living, our usual response is to say we “build websites”. But that’s selling ourselves short—not to mention ruining our chances of landing a date.

What we discovered during our re-focus was that our consolidated list of services all centred around creating and sustaining success for online businesses. It wasn’t enough to build a business a nice-looking site and send them on their way; our focus had to be about planning for their continued success—in other words, strategy.

We've always been conscious that online business development was our role, but consolidating our services put that into focus. Now we'll be approaching every new client relationship with this firmly in mind, and well supported by sharply refined business strategies.

Startup / Bootstrap / Pivot

Yeeeeees, these words have recently become part of our vocabulary, because that’s right, we’ve become douches app developers.

It’s always been our goal to develop our own applications (be they web or mobile), and late last year we finally got the window of opportunity we needed. We’ve earned a bit of cash from our ExpressionEngine software sales site EE-Garage, and there’s been no real plan for what to do with it (aside from the occasional money fight). So with a small amount of money and a team of great developers, we’ve begun our own startup journey. Cue buyout from Google.

You may assume that we’re using ExpressionEngine for the development of our app, but that’s not the case; we are in fact using the Symfony2 PHP framework. We’ve been wanting to add another development tool to our belt for a while, and we saw great promise in Symfony2—so much so, that we’re currently developing two apps with it: ours, and a full-blown sales pipeline and ordering system for our client EasySigns.

We’ll talk more about our app adventures in the coming weeks.

The New Wisdom (aka “The Newism Blog”)

Part of my new role as GM is marketing. We think the most effective form of marketing for a web company is blogging—it’s also the cheapest. At its most basic, blogging is simply creating good content and sharing it. That’s no secret of course, and it’s something we’ve done well in the past, but never consistently.

However, I’m very happy to say that the team at Newism are writing great content again and we’ve got a solid plan for doing it regularly. Check out Ben Lidgard’s amazing first post on the Newism rebrand for a taste of things to come.

What next?

We’re working with some fantastic new local and national clients, ranging from medium-sized Newcastle business to known and respected national brands—plus we’re doing some great stuff for our existing clients.

Our commitment to the ExpressionEngine community and to EE-Garage is only getting stronger.

You can expect lots of great articles, tutorials and possibly even opinion pieces from the New Wisdom blog.

Basically, you can expects lots of awesome from us this year and we’re really excited to be sharing it all with you.

Stay in the loop

It would be great to hear from new readers and old, so please don’t be shy, say g’day in the comments below. @benlidgard didn’t spend weeks designing and building this blog for nothing.

Our first newsletter will be making an appearance in a week or so, so don't forget to sign up via the subscribe form below.

Follow @newism on Twitter and like our Facebook page for links to our tutorials and articles, as well as pics of us playing ping-pong


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Steph Hinds avatar Steph Hinds

Awesome work boys. Can’t wait for the updates :)

Andrew Haynes avatar Andrew Haynes

I heart this blog post.

Nothing like a business with an exciting story, clear goals and pockets-full of cash passion!

Please invite me to your next money fight :]

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