Helping improve numeracy and literacy with My Big Tomorrow and E-Learning

Throughout the entire process of the recently launched, we had the opportunity to explore the world of e-learning. And with the site looking to improve the numeracy and literacy of years 9 and 10 students, this process was particularly important.

In the early stages of the project, Articulate's Storyline package was identified as the e-learning software that was best suited to helping us present meaningful and usable content to students.

Storyline allowed us to set up templates that could be used by the team of educators and content creators from the University of Newcastle to develop the interactive e-learning modules.


Working alongside the talented folks from the University of Newcastle, we helped develop and produce what is essentially a style guide—providing an avenue for the easy and continued addition of classwork content to the site. Once each module is completed, it is then linked to related careers and made available to students through the career skills section of each career.


Students are then able to discover how certain literacy and numeracy skills are relevant to careers that they might be interested in pursuing via higher education.

While there some more focussed e-learning content such as percentages and ratios, the University of Newcastle have also developed career specific examples too.

For instance, you can work through the skills required by a hairdresser during a typical day in the salon – determining chemical ratios and scheduling appointment times amongst other tasks.

Students can also develop their skills in other important aspects such as how to write business correspondence or prepare a media release.


The benefits of including this e-learning content on the career pages of My Big Tomorrow are two-fold.

Firstly, students get an opportunity to build their skills in an engaging and meaningful way. Secondly, they can clearly see the link between the work they're doing in class to the career they might have tomorrow.

This was something that Alan Hope, Deputy Principal, Kurri Kurri High School saw as a key aspect of the project.

"The fact that My Big Tomorrow links careers and university courses into school subjects is probably one of the best things about the website because it actually allows students to see the relevance of what they're studying at school, now."

Spread the word!

Our big aim for My Big Tomorrow is for it become part of the curriculum. Kurri Kurri High School in New South Wales has already adopted it and there is a lot of interest from other schools.

The best way for it to be seen is to spread the word, so if you have children in high school or friends and family who do, please share it with them—there are sharing links at the bottom of every page on the site.

For more background on the project, you can read our article about it here.


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